My children. You have been the greatest gift

My children. You have been the greatest gift of my life. I don’t have the words to say how much I love you and how proud I am of you. I have lived my life trying to become the best I can with the intention that you too will learn from me and strive to be the best you can be and pass down this way of living to your children


  1. Look inside yourself for answers. Life is a mirror of what you have inside of you. Consciousness shines through you and projects out what you perceive to be your reality. What appears to be “out there” actually comes from this projection so if you don’t like what you see “out there” then change what you are projecting and the only way you can do this is by changing your thoughts
  2. Read good books
  3. Listen to good music. Research has shown that rap and other such music actually reduces your intelligence whereas classical music is good
  4. Do the things that enhance your life
  5. Exercise daily. This will keep your muscles in shape. Increase the density of your bones and make your body a fat burning machine
  6. Eat carefully and in moderation. Your diet should be at least 60% alkaline. Germs cant survive in an alkaline environment
  7. Believe in yourself. If you don’t no one else will
  8. Love yourself. You have to love yourself first before you can truly love others. If you don’t love yourself you may not get all the love you want from others. Learn to love being yourself
  9. Respect yourself. Don’t put with negative people. Negative relationships or anything else that will drag you down
  10. Keep your dreams and goals to yourself as far as possible. People may put you off. Make it happen and the results will speak for themselves
  11. Be careful what you ask for and the way you want it to come into your life
  12. Desperation brings more desperation.
  13. Pray in the right way
  14. Don’t try to control people
  15. Think about what you say to others and how you say it. Don’t say or do hurtful things. Treat others as you want to be treated by others
  16. Be honest and be true to yourself
  17. Be brave and courageous. Take calculated risks. Try new things. Grow. Don’t get complacent. See new sights. Have at least one holiday abroad every year.
  18. Strengthen your strengths and work on your weaknesses to get them to just enough that you need
  19. Be confident. Develop high self esteem
  20. Attend at least one self development seminar every year
  21. Get a mentor
  22. Save money
  23. Lean back and surrender. Let go and let god
  24. Money is good. Earn it ethically by giving more value than the fee or price you charge
  25. Turn off the TV and stop reading newspapers. Keep exposure to media down to a minimum 
  26. You are an amazing creation with unfathomable power. You can rise to any height you are willing to climb. Don’t settle for less than you want. The greatest views in life are from on top the highest mountains. The highest mountains are those that are climbed the least often by the fewest people. Climb the highest mountains. Even if you don’t reach the summit, the view from halfway up is better than from the bottom of the mountain you never started climbing.
  27. Life doesn’t dictate your attitude. But your attitude dictates how you’ll experience life. Changing your attitude will always be the shortest and most permanent route to changing your life.
  28. Love and forgive. The degree to which you are able to truly love as an expression of your character, not merely as a feeling, the more you will be willing to forgive. The more you are able to forgive, the more you will be free to love. They go hand-in-hand.
  29. You don’t want to go through life bogged down by past mistakes. Learn from them and let go of them and the former people you’ve associated with, the problems of the past. So don’t hold others to theirs.
  30. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes, mishaps, imperfections and ego. Everyone else is anyway. And you will eventually.
  31. Meditate. Develop a love of being alone. Ideas. Eurekas
  32. Practice no-mind.
  33. Invest regularly in yourself. Develop your abilities and talents. Increase your knowledge and education. Read. Be a life long learner. Build a love for learning. There is investment that will reward you more.
  34. Control your thoughts. You and your life today are the result of your previous thoughts. What you are thinking now is creating your future. So think positive. Feel positive. Feel gratitude
  35. Mind can’t distinguish between imagined and real so use that to your advantage. Visualize what you want and you will create oit
  36. We are vibrational beings. EVERYTHING is vibration. The universe doesn’t punish you or bless you. It just responds to your vibration. It will bring into your whatever you are vibrating. Take time to understand this.
  37. You get what you think about most of the time so focus on good stuff. Be grateful for all that you have and more good and things to be grateful for will come to you. That’s the way it works. What you focus on grows!
  38. Be a good friend. Be deeply loyal to your family. Be fiercely loyal to truth.
  39. Tell the ones you love how much you love them. Often
  40. Make your passion your work and you will live a rich fulfilling life.
  41. Do everything with love and passion
  42. Do the things you love to do and you will have more than enough money to pay others to do the things you don’t like to do. That’s what the rich people do. They do what they love to do and get paid for it and they use that money to pay people to do what they don’t like to do.
  43. Share your wealth. Let money flow through your life and you will see that as you share your reservoir of wealth more will pour into it to keep it topped up
  44. If someone on the street asks you for money give them something. Don’t judge them
  45. Give to charity regularly
  46. Stop judging people. You don’t know what’s going on in their life
  47. Laugh as much as you can, as deeply as you can and as often as you can. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Do the things that make you laugh in this way. Don’t take life too seriously.
  48. Never grow up or become too serious. Have fun. Being grown up is overrated. Being young at heart and light hearted will keep you  young and healthy
  49. Go with the flow. There is a flow to your life. When you are going with the flow you feel good. When you are out of the flow then you don’t feel so good. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. The way you feel is your guide. When you feel not so good know that you need to do something to get you back in the flow. Keep a book of past successes, a list of things to be grateful for, pictures, music, videos and other things that make you feel good and use this to get back into the flow
  50. Be sure that people always come before things ESPECIALLY your family. No things are worth sacrificing your family for.
  51. The way you are feeling will determine what you attract. Its all about vibrations
  52. Be the best parent you can. The best way to do this is by becoming the best person that you can be and then this gives you the foundation to help your children be the best that they can be. Be a role model for your children. Take time out for them. Remember that your children will become what you make them. Don’t shout. Never hit. Be strong. Have boundaries and occasionally punish if needed BUT give them much more love and positive reinforcement than anything else. Flood their mind with the belief that they can be do and have anything they want to be. Let them be free to express themselves. 
  53. Happiness is the natural consequence of living your life consistent with the universal principles upon which a happy life is predicated. While there certainly is subjectivity in happiness, there are objective conditions that must be present in the happy life at its highest form. Discover those universal principles of happiness, work at consistently living by them, and enjoy reaping some pretty amazing results.
  54. Always be true to yourself so you never feel the need to be false to anyone else.
  55. The mind is sacred ground, so treat it that way. Take only worthy things into it. Reject that which corrodes and corrupts and demeans and dirties. Treat your mind like a sponge that never releases its liquid, whose very fibers are stained with the color of its thoughts. The mind will absorb whatever you feed it; It will retain the filth as much as the noble. So fill it with those ideas, thoughts and images you would want to have reflected in the mirror of your life. Because over time, it will be.
  56. Cultivate wisdom, lead with compassion, learn with humility, act with courage.
  57. Seek to love more than be loved and you will be loved much more than if you seek it directly.
  58. If you put God first, everything else will fit into the right place at the right time and in the right amount.
  59. The greatest battles you will ever wage will be on the battleground of your own soul. We are dual-natured. We have noble impulses and ignoble ones. Feed the noble and starve the ignoble. That’s a battle you must win. Your happiness and self-respect rely on it.
  60. Make the things that matter most in life the things that matter most in your life. Limit the time you spend spinning your wheels in the sand of the unimportant and trivial. And never let the important derail your pursuit of the most important.
  61. Passion comes as much from how you approach the work in front of you as in the particular type of work that happens to be there.
  62. Remember to regularly check the oil in your car, the batteries in your flashlight and the integrity in your character.
  63. The easiest way to love what you do is to do what you love. The second easiest way isn’t too bad either. It’s to get really good at doing it. Competence tends to breed passion. And passion makes work something less like work and more like fulfilling a life-mission. Not a bad way to go about making a living.
  64. Never do in private what you wouldn’t want the public to find out about. And these days, they’re likely to find out anyway. Someone will likely Facebook it by the end of the day!
  65. Live life like it was the only one you were going to get and like it mattered how you lived it.
  66. Character is a much more accurate voice exclaiming who you are than popularity, personality or status. So let your moral character speak so loudly no one can hear the gossip spoken about you by lesser minds.
  67. Do what matters most first. Then, if you run out of energy, time or means, you will at least have accomplished the things that matter most – which is more than most people will be able to say.
  68. Procrastination is the best way to make bad things worse and good things bad.
  69. Beware the thistles of Pride and Selfishness. But never confuse them with the blossoms of Confidence and Self-respect. Root out the former and water the latter.
  70. In relationships, two halves never make a whole. They only make two broken halves desperately clinging to each other in the vain hope that by virtue of the union, they become complete. Don’t look for an incomplete half to fix. Bottomless pits of need never make very reliable friends or spouses or parents. Look for a spouse who will make a great parent to your future kids. Date with that in mind. You will never marry someone you don’t date, so don’t date someone you would never marry.
  71. You have a moral duty to discover the principles of happiness and work at applying them throughout your life. You will be a better spouse, a better parent, and closer friend a more neighbourly neighbour, a kinder employer, and better employee and citizen for doing so.
  72. If you can’t sing, sing anyway. If you can’t dance, dance anyway. Life is too short to be concerned with what other people think of your song and say about your dance.
  73. Let patience be your first response, kindness be your first reply, courage be your default setting, faith be your first inclination, curiosity be your first question, perseverance be your longest answer, gratitude be your spontaneous condition and love be your first, final and only method.
  74. And finally, my dear son, know that my heart will always be filled with you. I will be a part of the fabric of your life because my thoughts will have been taught, my example will have been seen and my love will have been felt your whole life. And while my words and example and love will have been flawed, they will have indicated a way of living, of thinking and believing, even if imperfectly, that I hope illuminates a path that entices you to the greatest adventure you will ever have.

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